Things you must need to know about star anise flavor or its fruit

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Star anise is a spice that produces by the fruit illicium verum or plant form the magnolia family, also known as star amphipod. In most of the countries, it can be used for the purpose of flavoring, and for aroma into the many food items or liquors. It is a small tree that grows with sunlight and a lot of water pouring on it. Its fruit is harvested before the seeds ripening. Each pod of seed contains a brown and shiny seed. When pods are dried, it becomes deep reddish-brown by which, when added to any dish, it gives different colors and flavors also.

Mostly star anise is used in cooking either on the ground or whole form. It is used as a flavoring agent for the refreshment of the mouth. In case if you don’t find star anise in your kitchen, then you have to search for the alternate that can contain the same anethole, essential oil or that gives the same amount of flavor and aroma as these are the major qualities of star anise that makes it more preferable to prepare any dish.

Additional qualities

Essential oil contents like cineol and production of licorice provide the cinnamon-like flavor to star anise by which it has the ability to provide different flavors and tasty liquor. It is not very essential that you have to put all the ingredients and spices at the same time to make the dish spicier. But, if you use star anise in a balanced quantity then and mix with other ingredients, then it will surely provide you the best results to your dish as well as for your health benefits. Also, its cinnamon helps a person to digest the food properly, and also it prevents heart diseases.